About the freedom of the press.
Freedom of the press states that expression and communication through published media – like in print and video – is a right. This is something everyone should be aware of. Thus I worked with Free Press Unlimited to communicate this message.

Kroniek in Muziek
The video series Kroniek in Muziek is a musical ode to the city of Delft. The videos with 17th century music and dance were recorded in and around various historical places in the city, and can also be seen there.

Concept                                    Ricardo Rodríguez Miranda
Direction and production    Robin Tijdeman
Cinematography                    Jorick Buurstra
Light                                          Leon de Haas
Assistance                               Jacob Alcala
Sound                                       Steven de Laet

Kingsday 2023 #ikalskoning

The king is coming to Rotterdam! Together with performance artist Florian Borstlap I made a video to celebrate that we are all kings!

Robin Tijdeman - robintijdeman@gmail.com